Om Anna

Jag heter Anna Julia Ruth Nyström, 31 år från Falköping. Gör just nu min bachelor i materialbaserad konst med inriktning mot grafik och teckning på Kunsthøgskolan i Oslo.

Detta är mitt Artist Statement:

The subject of my art is that rare moment in time and space where humans are equal and free to express themselves. Unjudged. It takes on different shapes, sometimes it’s a wind of change, a single person taking a stand or impossible love that thrives for just a minute. When I catch a glimpse of one of these moments I hold on to it and I explore it. I crave them but they are elusive. When I’m on a dry spell, I’ll create them, find ways to mirror them. This work helps me to wrap my head around what the world actually looks like. The lessons we learn when we cross the invisible boundaries provided by the lottery of life. The consequences of a person overstepping. And the strategies. The strategies we embrace to overcome. Sometimes tragically destructive but the only way forward. Sometimes so genius they take on a life of their own, even inspire change. I know they inspire at least me.

The work I do features what’s wrong with the ordinary and what’s forgotten in the unusual and the deemed strange. Sometimes it’s serious, even dark, sometimes full of joy or hope or at least a stubborn refusal to settle. A resistance or a pursuit. In conveying my message I try to be ruthless but usually end up forgiving. Showing the good and the bad. Since the truth is rarely black-and-white I see it not as a weakness but as a strength.

I enjoy working with traditional techniques that hold a lot of expectation. Combining the aesthetics of classic etching with what is considered lower cultural expressions is interesting to me. There has always been a hierarchy between different ways of expression and even if it is no longer absolute I still think its relevant to challenge it.

When it comes to inspiration I draw from life and death, love and loss, expectation and disappointment, sisterhood and loneliness. I thrive on the contradictions of life. What I see, feel and experience. Art that inspires me is diverse; the directness and passion of the Guerrilla Girls, the uncensored and unapologetic anger of Artemisia Gentileschi, Karin Jansson, her wide spectrum of emotions and her sense of humor, the self irony of Teun Hocks and the witty social realism of Paul Davis and David Shrigley.